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The Empress of Otherworld
By Corey Michael Dalton, Bryland Sutton

New Book Available Now!

Corey and his co-author, Bryland Sutton, recently released a middle-grade fantasy/adventure novel called The Empress of Otherworld through First Circle Press, which you can order from Amazon now!

The book is about a boy named Hap who stumbles into Otherworld, a fantastic realm made up of countries including Oz, Neverland, and Wonderland. In this strange new world Hap must join forces with three super-powered kids—Dorothy Gale, Peter Pan, and Alice Liddell—to overthrow Prospera, the ruthless Empress of Otherworld. As Hap and his new friends fight their way through spider-vultures, trollsons, and the shadowy assassin Peter Panic, he discovers a possible (but dangerous) way home as well as clues to unlocking his very own super-power.

Praise for The Empress of Otherworld

“… clever, whimsical, and confident, featuring delightfully off-kilter characters in smartly silly situations.” —New York Times best-selling author Ben H. Winters (Underground Airlines, The Last Policeman)

“I can’t wait for book two. More flying moles, please!” —Jesika St Clair, senior editor of The Saturday Evening Post

“It’s like The Avengers but with heroes from classic kids’ stories. I love it!” —Heather Kauffman-Peters, former editor of Jack and Jill

“Filled with marvels and invention, I was swept away from page one.” —Jennifer Bingham, book editor for Wiley Publishing

The Empress of Otherworld in the News 

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