Hello! I'm Corey Michael Dalton, but you can call me Corey. No need to stand on formality here. As a freelance writer and editor, I help my clients express themselves through copy that is clear, concise, and never boring.

Experience Matters

Nowadays anybody with a website and a laptop can claim to be a writer. Unfortunately, many of those folks have little training or experience. I’ve been a professional arranger of words for over 15 years and have experience writing copy for many different clients. I also have a bachelor’s degree in English writing and a master’s degree in creative writing, if book learnin' is your thing.

Tone Matters

Making sure the text for your website, publication, or blog strikes the proper tone for your audience is as important as remembering to run spell check. Having written a wide variety of documents—from magazine articles to comic book scripts to pharmaceutical reports to literary short stories to blog entries—I can go from informal to Shakespearean at the drop of a toque.

You Matter

Yes, you! My job is to please you, the client. That's why my work is not finished until you are satisfied with the text I’ve provided. (Unless I die before I get there, in which case I’ll be happy to recommend a different freelancer.) Some of my specialties are:

  • Writing text that keeps readers interested to the bitter end.
  • Revising dry copy to inject 37 (or thereabouts) pieces of flair.
  • Translating jargon into plain ol’ English. (Or vice versa, if you want to confuse someone.)
  • Editing your writing and offering suggestions on how to make it more appealing.

Drop me an email at corey@cmdalton.com with information about what sort of help you need and I'll send you a quote ASAP. My rates are quite competitive. What can I say? I hate to lose.